Cassius Marsh &
Nick Nugwynne

Meet the founders

The Full Story

NFL Linebacker Cassius Marsh is proud to announce a new business venture, Cash Cards Unlimited, set to officially open for business in February 2021. Located in Marsh’s hometown of Westlake Village, California and also offering a large online store presence, Cash Cards Unlimited promises to feature a diverse array of both collector cards and strategy game cards. Marsh started the business with his lifelong friend and Business Manager Nick Nugwynne, who plans to maintain the day-to-day operations when football season ramps up again for Marsh.

Marsh’s passion for the industry stems from an affinity for the popular card strategy game, Magic: The Gathering, which he has continued to publicly support throughout his professional career. In fact, Marsh’s own collection of cards is valued at more than $250,000, which emphasizes his dedication to Magic: The Gathering and the card industry as a whole.

“For me, it’s always been my dream to have my own card shop and create new experiences for the next generation of card players and collectors,” comments the seven-year NFL veteran Marsh. “I loved the time I spent in my hometown card shop. I had such a great time playing these games in that atmosphere, and I wanted to create something similar that was a safe place for everyone to hang out and do what they love to do.”

Cash Cards Unlimited will provide several types of cards, including Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh strategy cards, while also having a strong selection of limited-edition sports cards. Not only will Cash Cards Unlimited provide exclusive card packs, but this new business will also offer cards and guidance for beginners looking to break into the world of collecting and for those wanting to learn the specifics of card strategy games.