Portal Three Kingdoms - Complete Near Mint Set

Portal Three Kingdoms - Complete Near Mint Set

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Portal Three Kingdoms is a starter-level set released in May 1999 for mostly Asian markets. It is a flavor-based set based on the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history.[4] Three Kingdoms is the third and final Portal set, and as with the previous two, its cards were not tournament-legal at the time of printing but were later made legal in Eternal formats.

Set Details!

Portal Three Kingdoms was specifically designed for the Asian market and was not sold in North America. It was mainly printed in Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese, but there was also an English printing, sold mostly in Australia and New Zealand. As a result, the English versions of the cards are amongst the rarest in the game. As with the previous two Portal sets, the cards in Portal Three Kingdoms were not tournament-legal at the time of printing, but were made legal in Vintage and Legacy on 20 October 2005.[5] The expansion symbol for this set is the Chinese character for 3. Unlike its predecessors, the P3K-set is white-borderedHenry Stern was the sole designer.[6]

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